Baikal Whiskey Stones is a workshop located on Baikal – the cleanest and most energetically strong place. Our whiskey stones are as unique as our customers. If you are looking for a gift for an unusual, strong, educated person – we are glad that you have found us! Our job is to create perfection from stones, skillfully grinding stones, processing them, giving them an even cut and impeccable shine. To highlight the beauty of the precious stone, we create special boxes made of precious woods, each of which is comparable to a work of art. 

The combination of a precious stone and noble wood species becomes an exquisite handmade gift for those who have tried, seen, felt and thought that nothing can surprise him … With each set we create, we prove that we can surprise any esthete and are able to. Sincerely glad, that we can make your dreams of the perfect gift come true. 

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Our jade whiskey stones are the finest jewelry in which every line is beautiful and perfect. Our stones are a luxurious addition to whiskey that reveal an amazing taste and aroma of the drink.